Posted on: February 17, 2008 10:13 am

Honey, I got a case of the Clemens....

First let me say that I as a Boston Red Sox fan, Roger will always have my respect in the sense that he certainly played his heart out here.  I will always appreciate that. 

Now onto my soap box....

Is this guy for real?  I mean seriously.  First lets cover the fact that Henry Waxman, the Chairman didn't want to have this hearing, but it was at the request of Roger Clemens to defend himself that they decided to do so.  So, they have the hearing and if I might just say that I was uttlerly disappointed and sickened with the Republican Senators.  I have never seen such @ss kissing in my entire life.  I thought the point of any hearing is to ask those pertinent and hard nosed questions, not to dance around the subject and be worried about whether or not he is going to "heaven".  We knew this was going to be a He said - He said debate, but I really didn't think that Roger would bring his steep pockets and influencial friends to the party.  After watching the republicans simply cater to his every whim, and hug he and his wife after the hearing, there can only be one answer:  Roger used his friendship with George HW Bush to influence the republican senators.  DISGUSTING.  When a murderer goes on trial, you don't see the jury or the judge get up and hug the defendant.  Not that Roger ever killed anyone, but I digress....

Second how is he going to expect any of the American public to believe that he isn't lying when this is the same guy that when he threw the bat at Mike Piazza's head, his excuse was:  I thought it was the ball.  After watching that play 8 years ago, I knew then Roger Clemens was a jerk.  Obviously you knew it wasn't because if it you really felt that way, like Al Leiter said, you would have thrown it to Tino Martinez.  Besides, he got fined $50K.

Now onto McNamee...I feel for him in all of this, but I am not taking his side.  My opinion is that in the beginning he lied to investigators to protect his bread and butter...Roger Clemens.  You know the old cliche...Never bite the hand that feeds you.  I understand why he lied at first.  If you have a meal ticket, why would you want to take a risk and most likely lose that payout.  I get it...but for me...I couldn't lie.  There is always a chance that your integrity would come into question later on if it comes to haunt you and my integrity is everything. 

This is going to hurt saying this, but the only person I found credible and honest is Andy Petitte.  Even though he is a Yankee, I actually respect him a hell of a lot more for telling the truth in this whole messed up case.  I still hope that his ERA is 6.35 but, as a human being I think he is one hell of a guy.

I think we in America are a forgiving society and if Roger would have just come out and said I did it and I regret it.  We as American's would have gotten over it.  I mean I have already forgiven Jason Giambi, even though he is a Yankee.  I respect him more as a person.

All I know is that I just want to be done with this steroid hearing stuff and hope that the Red Sox win

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Posted on: February 8, 2008 12:46 am

I just can't take it anymore...

I just read Clark Judge's article from yesterday, the one in which he says that Bill Bellichick is a dispicable due to the fact that he started to leave (walk out on the field to congratulate Tom Coughlin) the field with :01 seconds left.

OK DUDE WHAT NEXT?  It happens all the time where coaches, sometimes with more than a :30, have come out to the middle of the field and congratulated one another.  So why should the Super Bowl be any different?  THE GAME WAS OVER - THERE WAS NO WAY THE PATS COULD HAVE WON!  I am just so sick and tired of these idiots.  I mean you hate the guy cuz he gives you nothing to write home about and then when he does something that happens all the time - you take it as uncharacteristic and dispicable.  It seems to me that if Vince Lombardi, were alive today he would be the same victim of your idiocy. 

Obviously you never played sports on any level.  As someone who has, I would like to offer the following advice:

First of all, it's as a competitor, the drive and ambition to win is first and foremost.  Therefore when you lose an emotional game it takes an ENORMUS toll on you.  He knew the game was over, what's the big deal?  Ok so he could have been graceful and waited, but again THE GAME WAS OVER.

I say get over it.  The guy just ended a tough season with a tough loss in one of the most emotional of games. 

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Posted on: February 7, 2008 12:27 am

Lamentations and Promises

Here I sit, on some random rainy Wednesday, outside of Boston.  My soul still recovering from the disappointment of Sunday's game.    Let's face it, the best team didn't win.  The team that was hottest and had the momentum, at the right moment, won the game.  That's totally cool and I can accept that they won.  I am actually glad to see that Michael Strahan and Tom Coughlin win.  It just hurts.  I think if all fans went through the emotional tides that we, as New England fans, went through this year then I am sure that they would be a little more understanding then they have been.

From the beginning, this year was going to attract a lot of attention.  With the acquisitions of Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas and Wes Welker, the national media was buzzing like a hive of bees.  From the beginning, I said that this season was going to be a special one.  A lot of the media and other teams fans, were completely critical of the Krafts, Bellichick and others for bringing Randy Moss here.  Thinking that he was going to be the lazy, unmotivated teammate that he was in Oakland.  However, when you ask anyone with an HR or Psychology background they will tell you this.

  • When you work for an organization that you are not happy with and morale is low - you will not have success.

Randy was obviously not happy with the management, coaching or other teammates.  Let's face it, and with no disrespect to the Raiders, but they are - now - a joke.  Al Davis should retire and leave his legacy as is.  Randy eluded to his displeasure with the franchise (Raiders) Media Day in Phoenix.  Anyway, most pepople that are unhappy in their jobs, will only do just enough to get by. 

  • When you are winning or successful you are happy.

Many members of the national media, throughout the season remarked on how often and big his smile was this season.  It's no secret that he is one of the best receivers, and for him to be happy was important in the success of the team.  He made it clear that he was happy and found the team that he wants to stay with til he retires.  When a person is happy and has fun with what they are doing, they will go above and beyond what is asked of them.  Obviously, Randy is.

I can only imagine what the future will bring, and can't wait to see more history in the making.  I just hope to see more championships in the future.

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