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Honey, I got a case of the Clemens....

Posted on: February 17, 2008 10:13 am

First let me say that I as a Boston Red Sox fan, Roger will always have my respect in the sense that he certainly played his heart out here.  I will always appreciate that. 

Now onto my soap box....

Is this guy for real?  I mean seriously.  First lets cover the fact that Henry Waxman, the Chairman didn't want to have this hearing, but it was at the request of Roger Clemens to defend himself that they decided to do so.  So, they have the hearing and if I might just say that I was uttlerly disappointed and sickened with the Republican Senators.  I have never seen such @ss kissing in my entire life.  I thought the point of any hearing is to ask those pertinent and hard nosed questions, not to dance around the subject and be worried about whether or not he is going to "heaven".  We knew this was going to be a He said - He said debate, but I really didn't think that Roger would bring his steep pockets and influencial friends to the party.  After watching the republicans simply cater to his every whim, and hug he and his wife after the hearing, there can only be one answer:  Roger used his friendship with George HW Bush to influence the republican senators.  DISGUSTING.  When a murderer goes on trial, you don't see the jury or the judge get up and hug the defendant.  Not that Roger ever killed anyone, but I digress....

Second how is he going to expect any of the American public to believe that he isn't lying when this is the same guy that when he threw the bat at Mike Piazza's head, his excuse was:  I thought it was the ball.  After watching that play 8 years ago, I knew then Roger Clemens was a jerk.  Obviously you knew it wasn't because if it you really felt that way, like Al Leiter said, you would have thrown it to Tino Martinez.  Besides, he got fined $50K.

Now onto McNamee...I feel for him in all of this, but I am not taking his side.  My opinion is that in the beginning he lied to investigators to protect his bread and butter...Roger Clemens.  You know the old cliche...Never bite the hand that feeds you.  I understand why he lied at first.  If you have a meal ticket, why would you want to take a risk and most likely lose that payout.  I get it...but for me...I couldn't lie.  There is always a chance that your integrity would come into question later on if it comes to haunt you and my integrity is everything. 

This is going to hurt saying this, but the only person I found credible and honest is Andy Petitte.  Even though he is a Yankee, I actually respect him a hell of a lot more for telling the truth in this whole messed up case.  I still hope that his ERA is 6.35 but, as a human being I think he is one hell of a guy.

I think we in America are a forgiving society and if Roger would have just come out and said I did it and I regret it.  We as American's would have gotten over it.  I mean I have already forgiven Jason Giambi, even though he is a Yankee.  I respect him more as a person.

All I know is that I just want to be done with this steroid hearing stuff and hope that the Red Sox win

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Posted on: March 2, 2008 2:24 pm

Honey, I got a case of the Clemens....

Very good post wildflour.  As for the next president thing good luck with that.  It isn't a republican or democrat thing, that won't matter it is a political landscape thing that we as americans allow to exist. 

As far as Clemens goes he is an idiot as you mentioned.  I don't see him confessing to using steriods unless there is videotape evidence of it.  He will just continue to say he didn't and think that is okay.   But really what would anyone expect? 

All of these players (Bonds, Clemens, Canseco) should face this issue when it is time to vote them into the Hall of Fame.  That will hurt more than anything that a congressional panel can do, just ask Pete Rose about that.  Now if they didn't use then it shouldn't matter but if the evidence suggests an overwhelming proponderence of guilt then they should not even be considered.  That really is the best solution and one that will keep future players from taking that gamble.



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Posted on: February 21, 2008 12:38 am

Honey, I got a case of the Clemens....

It's really disgusting how bad the cronieism has gone with this dude.  When Andrew Jackson said "To the victors belong the spoils", I never thought it could be like this.  Then again, I wasn't alive to witness it. 

I am so friggin fed up with this b-s.  I just can't wait til we get a president in there that isn't going to do this.  Isn't this what the Justice system is all about, Coach?  I mean really when the forefathers created this country, even though most of them played the same games, this is the same thing that they were trying to outrun in England. 

It's no wonder that foreigners view us as capitalist pigs. 

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Posted on: February 18, 2008 10:59 am

Honey, I got a case of the Clemens....


I was in NYC this weekend, and at one point picked up the Daily News (I didn't have to pay for it, thankfully ... I was in a bar and there it was ) that had a story about how if Roger Clemens is brought up on perjury charges, Bush just might pardon him. I think that would be nice ... one slug pardoning another.

What was most surprising, though, is that they were actually talking about this whole perjury rap thing like it could actually happen. I could maybe envision reading that in a Boston paper -- but a NYC one?? Hmmmm....

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